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Electrical equipment is usually designed to operate most efficiently at 220V, however average voltage in the UK is 242V. Independent research shows that lowering the voltage supplied to equipment cuts power consumption and reduces maintenance costs.

iVolt and Sollatek

iVolt Ltd. is a wholly-owned division of the Sollatek Group, one of the world’s foremost makers of specialist products to protect electrical and electronic equipment. The iVolt® is designed in the UK and built in Sollatek’s own factories to ISO9001 standards.


About the iVolt®

Independent research shows that lowering the voltage supplied to electrical equipment reduces power consumption. The iVolt® is a state-of-the-art variable voltage optimisation unit that will reduce your power consumption and can cut your electricity bill by up to 25%. How iVolt® saves energy.

The iVolt® is a state of the art electronic voltage stabiliser. Taking measurements over 3,000 times per second, the iVolt® maximises energy savings by using unique microprocessor, thyristor and transformer technology to ensure that the output power to your facilities is stable and optimised for maximum energy saving. More on voltage optimisation. 

iVolt® units are available for sites ranging from small retail units up to large industrial complexes, with an investment payback period of typically 2–3 years.
 iVolt® features & benefits

A solid state microprocessor-controlled device, the iVolt® is built around Sollatek’s Voltage Stabiliser technology and is over 99.4% efficient at full load. The in-built patented IRT Energy Monitor® enables you to track your energy savings based on real-time data, without relying on assumptions and modelling.
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