Solar Batteries Range IntroductionBattery


SOLAR BATTERY stores the electricity from the solar module via the charge controller. This electricity can then be used at night or in periods of bad weather. Sealed and wet types are available.

Designed for professional applications, the range encompasses VRLA and wet technology with both tubular and flat plates and a capacity range from 20Ah to 15,600Ah.

Solar systems are the most demanding applications for the battery and the correct choice of battery is fundamental to the integrity if the entire system. Batteries are subjected to high and low temperatures, unpredictable charging, daily cycling as well as potentially partial states of discharges. Therefore it is of utmost importance to correctly choose the right battery for the right application in order to maximise battery life. Sollatek not only offers the complete range of Solar batteries available in the market but also provides expert advice on which choice of battery to suit your particular application.