Voltsafe Range Introduction


Surge, Spike & Lightning Suppressors


Suppressors are devices that protect against surges, spikes, lightning and in some cases RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and noise.

Surge/spike is a rise or peak in voltage up to thousands of volts and last for very short period of time (milliseconds). These powerful events can eventually blow out microscopic holes in electronic circuitry causing severe damage or failure. Unlike over-voltage which last for longer times (milliseconds to seconds to minutes or even hours), you do not need to switch off the mains to protect against surges and spikes. Clamping to a safe level is the method of protection. The level of protection is best measured in joules and there is no complete protection here but the more joules of protection available the less possibility of damage.

A standard surge protector can absorb about 140 Joules. Other factors are important, as in the speed of response, availability of earthing, etc. RFI and noise is generated by nearby equipment such as elevators, motors, radio controlled equipment, etc. Whilst surges/spike protection is incorporated in almost all of the Sollatek range of products, Sollatek also manufactures the Voltsafe range solely for protection against these events.