Regulators & Protectors Range Introduction


avrisoThe Sollatek Regulators are state of the art solid state stabilisers. Using microprocessor technology, the AVR will rapidly detect voltage variations and correct the output to ensure 230V (+/-4%) supply. The Sollatek AVR has a very wide input range (-30% to +19%) and a voltage correction speed of 1250Volts per second. No mechanical parts means that the AVR doesn’t require maintenance and will not be affected by dusty environments as other mechanical (for example Servo type) stabilisers.

These models as standard include various additional features that are normally provided as optional extras. These include a higher IP rating of 44 to allow outdoor installation. The standard inclusion of output circuit breaker, manual by pass and automatic voltage switcher function all make this unit the preferred choice for mission critical applications.

The Sollatek isolating AVR is a version of the standard Sollatek AVR. Designed specifically to deal with the high level of protection required for telecommunication applications and for equipment that require a higher level of surge, spike, & noise protection. Using an isolating transformer, the AVR provides a clean neutral and 10:1 attenuation ratio ensuring that noise on the output is significantly reduced relative to the input.

Designed for telecom applications.
• Designed for remote operation where a high degree of reliability is essential.
• Input delta/star isolating transformer.
• Weather-proof enclosure.
• Fully electronic with no moving parts for:
• High reliability
• Speed of operation
• Immunity to dust and other environmental conditions

Sollatek ProtectorsDSP-s-and-M

Frequent lightning and high capacity surges can extensively damage telecommunication equipment and disrupt service. Sollatek’s DSP range are specifically designed to give high capacity protection for industrial and sensitive applications with a maximum surge protection handling 20kA to 180kA per phase.