Solar Power Range Introductiontelsol


Sollatek provides a full range of turnkey solutions designed to work in the harshest of environments with virtually no maintenance. Due to its international presence and considerable experience, Sollatek’s team of engineers is able to deliver effective solutions to projects around the world including civil works, installation, and testing and commissioning.

Technology: The sun’s energy is captured as electricity by the photovoltaic panels installed on a fixed structure tilted to optimise the harness of sunlight. The electricity is then stored in maintenance free batteries designed specifically for high cyclability, which is then controlled and fed to the attached telecom equipment via the Solar Charge Centre. The system assures excellent reliability and high performance, with an autonomy of up to five consecutive days.

Sollatek’s high efficiency solar modules are constructed for 36 (for the 12v module) or 72 (for the 24v module) multicrystalline cells.

The cells are individually tested and matched for optimum performance before being built into the protective module structure. A Tedlar® base is used and ethylene vinyl acetate encapsulant. High transmission tempered glass protects the cells from the front and a high strength polymer sheet at the rear.

A reinforced aluminium frame completes the laminate structure which is fully sealed against moisture and protected from environmental and mechanical damage.