Below are some frequently asked questions that may help answer common questions.

Voltage Protection

Voltsafe - Surge Suppressors

Q.The user instruction has a Specifications table that says "Transient Suppression (all modes)". What does this 'all modes' mean?
The “all modes” means that the transient suppression devices (MOV) are connected between live and neutral, live and earth and neutral and earth. To protect against any harmful spikes.

Voltright - AVR

Q.How do I install a Sollatek voltage regulator (AVR)?
Installation of Sollatek regulator is simple. As with the Sollatek stabiliser range, smaller units can be connected directly to a fused mains outlet, but larger units require direct wiring to a mains live feed at a distribution panel at the site of installation.

Solar Power

Solar - Glowstar

Q.I have a Glowstar. Can I use a different AC charger and solar panel?
A different solar panel other than the one the Sollatek supplies with the GS5 and GS7 can be used as long as it conforms to the specifications laid down in the operating instructions. But Sollatek does not recommend using any other type of AC charger other than the Sollatek Glowstar regulated AC charger.

Q.With the Glowstar, If the panel has to be in the sun and the lamp not, why is the cable between the 2 so short?
The cable can be extended if for example the panel is mounted on the roof. We offer a longer cable (10 meter) as an option. Please request this item separately

Q.The rating at the back of the panel says 25 C cell temperature, what is this rating?
Solar modules are tested under ‘Standard Test Conditions’, part of which is to test it at 25ºC ambient temperature. This is referred on the label. However, they are also tested to work at higher temperatures of 85ºC or more so they can be used around the world in direct sunlight.

Q.The DC output charger seems to have the same connection that the panel input. What happens if we connect the panel to the DC output or if we connect the appliance to the panel input?
They are the same connector type but no damage will result if they are wrongly connected.

Q.What is the warranty on the Glowstar, lamp & the panel?
The Glowstar itself (I.e. the electronics), like all Sollatek products carries 2 year warranty. The lamp itself has no warranty. The Battery within the Glowstar has 1 year warranty and the Solar panel carries 10 year warranty

Q.In the instructions it is mentioned that the lamp has to be kept in a dry and moderate to low environment .How does this work with the African temperature?
These conditions relate to the storage of the Glowstar rather than its use. The best type of battery for this application, as we use, is a lead-acid type. However, it does have the disadvantage that it will slowly discharge while in storage and this happens faster if it is warmer. For this reason it is best to store it in a cool place. If not being used we recommend that the Glowstar is re-charged about every 6 months. If the temperature in which it is stored is above 25ºC then it should be re-charged sooner, i.e. twice as often for every 10ºC above 25ºC, e.g. every 3 months at 35ºC. In regular use, the Glowstar can be happily operated at temperatures of +55ºC if re-charged daily, as the self-discharge per day is very small and can be ignored. It is also rain protected and can be used out doors in almost any weather but the life of the product will of course be extended if it is not unnecessarily exposed to heat and wet for more that needed.