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Mar 2023 Sollatek: World Leader in Voltage Protection & Energy Saving
Sollatek provides end-to-end IoT solutions enabling businesses to improve efficiency, increase sales and mitigate risks by remotely accessing actionable data …
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Jan 2023 PV Solar Energy Charge Controller Market See Huge Growth for New Normal
PV Solar charge controllers, also known as PV solar charge regulators, are used in solar energy systems to protect the battery from being overcharged and over-discharged.
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Apr 2022 The missing link for impact at the last mile: Wholesalers for beneficial products
Last mile distributors (LMDs) of off-grid solar (OGS) products – in particular standalone products, like pico-solar lanterns and plug and play (PnP) solar home systems (SHS) – often face challenges in identifying and procuring the products that are best-suited to their – and their customers’ – needs. Indeed, most OGS markets have limited choice of in-country stock of quality products readily available.
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Aug 2021 Solar Home Systems
From solar power in Africa to UK tomatoes – the eco-schemes to turn your cash green
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Apr 2013 NotebookGuard
Sollatek launches its new Voltshield NoteBookGuard.
Nov 2012 New iSense Guards
The Voltshield Guard now featuring iSense function
Oct 2010 Sollatek’s LED Bulkhead is ideal for demanding environments
New street light LED Bulkhead
Apr 2010 Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm
Power control for vast North Sea offshore wind farm
Apr 2010 Thanet Offshore Wind Farm
Regulators for massive offshore wind farm
Jan 2010 A/C Guard
Sollatek launches its new Voltshield range addition, the A/C Guard. The A/C Guard prevents damage to air-conditioners from mains voltage fluctuations using the Automatic Voltage Switching technology with the added Circuit breaker function.
Nov 2009 Sollatek Iraq
New Sollatek branch opened in Iraq
Oct 2009 LED Street lighting
Sollatek has developed a new range of street light systems, using LED technology.
Mar 2007 Solar generators for GSMs in Libya
Sollatek supplies and installs solar power generators for 61 Libyan GSM sites, covering an area of over 2 million square km.
Aug 2008 AVR for Philips MRI and CT scanners
Sollatek equips all Philips’s sophisticated medical equipment bound for developing countries or, where electrical supply is erratic.
Jun 2009 SLK4, Solar powered lighting – in a box!
SLK4, a robust fully self contained lighting kit that provides up to 10 hours lighting on 4 bright florescent lights.
Dec 2008 Solar water pump for Liberian Community
In association with a local charity foundation, Sollatek supplied a solar water pump system capable of pumping out 3.5 gallons of clean water per minute from a depth of 30 meters.
Jul 2008 Sollatek AVR cuts costs for Tigo GSM provider
Using voltage regulator halves GSM provider’s energy cost
Mar 2009 Half a migawatt AVR supplied to Zain telecom
Zain Tanzania has awarded Sollatek the contract to supply a half-megawatt telecom range Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). The AVR3x800 provides complete power protection using an isolating transformer, solid state voltage stabilisation and AVS switching.
Jan 2000 The Sollatek Glowstar. Low cost lighting brilliance, a revolution in solar energy.
This is the brochure produced by Sollatek UK about the Glowstar Lantern. This document also constitutes Annex 5 of the Glowstar Final Technical Report.
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